Hi Everyone! Starting Monday 3/9/15, I started weight lifting again for the first time in months. I am finally getting back into a real workout routine after pneumonia and just placing exercise on the back-burner and I wanted to keep a page devoted to my honest journey of getting back in shape! I will post weekly recaps that say what I did in terms of workouts, what my measurements are, and progress pictures. I will probably not weigh myself and plan on  listening to my body in terms of what I eat (I may track, but not to hit set amount).  My goals are really to gain some muscle and lose a tad bit of the fat on my waist  and hips (not much, but my waist is not defined unless I pose just right these days). If you have any questions about my progress or how I plan on getting back in shape, feel free to visit my “contact me” page!

WEEK 1 Recap 3/9-3/16

Starting measurements

  • waist 27 in.
  • hip 38 inches


  • Monday: weights – legs
  • Tuesday: 2.5 mile run
  • Wednesday: weights – back
  • Thursday: 3 mile run 3 mile walk
  • Friday: rest day (but I did go for a decently long walk)
  • Saturday: weights- biceps and triceps
  • Sunday: rest day

Progress pics


Alright- my back has gotten WEAK! But it is just another thing I get to work on!

image (1)

Full disclosure: my arms always look pretty toned, but in reality I struggle through my bicep curl sets with 10 lb weights…

image (2)

So I asked my boyfriend to take my progress pics- just a couple, you know? He took like 15 pictures, most of which when I wasn’t looking at the camera/ ready for the picture. This was one of them. But hey- my abs look existent so yay for candids!!

image (3)

Isn’t the face you are supposed to make when you flex?



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