The best interval training I have done in a while and the picture that followed

So today I had a kickass interval training workout (disclaimer- this workout was kickass relative to me, so some of you may be like “pshhh that is nothin!” while other may be like “holy crap! that is fast!”), so I am going to brag about it. Then put my ego in check with one of the most unattractive pictures of me. Ever. Because it may make someone laugh (or at least it makes me laugh).

I started my run only having decided to go for 4 miles:

lap distance time pace
1 1.00 8:10 8:10
2 0.50 4:05 8:11
3 0.25 3:52 15:33
4 0.26 2:05 7:54
5 0.23 3:44 15:56
6 0.25 1:35 6:21
7 0.25 3:53 15:39
8 0.25 1:29 5:59
9 0.25 4:00 15:50
10 0.25 1:35 6:27
11 0.25 4:05 16:13
12 0.25 1:29 5:59
13 0.25 4:33 18:33
TOTAL: 4.24

The first mile and a half I was still undecided what I wanted to do. The 4th split I decided it was going to involve some speed training. The 6th split I decided to go fast. The 8th split I wast like, “HOLY CRAP I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I COULD RUN THIS FAST!!!” The 10th split I hit a hill and was like “OH NO OH NO OH NO” And the 12th split I was like “WHAT I DID ANOTHER SUB 6 SPLIT- WHO AM I?!”

And yeah- that was my run. Now someone bring me ice cream or donuts please.

And here is my embarrassing picture as promised:


The only explanation I have is that I was trying to wink with my tongue out and the camera captured my face a moment after I intended it to… Anyways, happy Friday!