A Day without Numbers

Yesterday, after my pre-breakfast snack, I spontaneously decided to not count my macros and just eat intuitively (no I have not read the book on intuitive eating, however, I do want to). I wanted to reassure myself that all my progress wasn’t based on a little app that tracks everything I eat and the goal macro percentages that I want to hit. I was not trying it out to stop counting, because I still have not reached my goal amount of calories (2400 a day), I just wanted to know how I would feel on a day without counting.

Well I felt:

  • anxious
  • excited
  • afraid
  • proud
  • gluttonous
  • lazy (in a relaxed sort of way– the good lazy)
  • mad
  • happy

I could go on, but you get the point. Yesterday was weird for me, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I ate a breakfast that was nearly twice as big as I usually eat, but I didn’t have a morning snack. My afternoon was fairly normal- lunch was roughly the same as usual and I had a couple snacks like I usually do. I definitely splurged at dinner when I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cornish Pasty Co., with my boyfriend and his family. I seriously don’t know how to describe exactly what it is that I got without taking people there, but I will do my best. It is essentially a gourmet hot pocket. It is a flakey pastry (not sweet, almost croissant like) filled with a whole assortmant of different foods. There are “pasties” such as: tikka misala, portobello chicken, Greek, Italian, or my personal favorite, “The Pilgrim.”  Mine is essentially Thanksgiving dinner wrapped up in a pastry. Here is a picture of the item I got:


Not healthy, totally unknown calories, 100% enjoyable. I can safely say, I don’t regret one bite (and trust me, I ate it all).

I usually do everything in my power to avoid the place because I get anxious about all the unknown calories in the food. But I didn’t last night and I don’t plan on avoiding it anymore. It doesn’t mean I will have it all the time, but life is far too short to intentionally neglect eating the things we love, all the time. 

The rest of my evening was fairly low key: I went to the gym (and did a slightly shorter workout than usual), had my proyo and an apple, hung out with friends and drank a beer (gasp!), munched on a few goldfish because I was hungry, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning and the only thing different about me or my body was the twinge more confidence I have, knowing I can safely say I am no longer a slave to the calories.


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