Having fat doesn’t make you fat.

“Fat shouldn’t be an adjective. It is a noun, its human, and its healthy.”

I have fat on my thighs. And it’s beautiful. I’m proud of the fat on my thighs. Many people may think it’s disgusting, but I know it’s a sign that I’m healthy. It’s a sign that I am going to live an amazing life. It is part of my unique figure. It represents my internal strength. The fat on my thighs does not mean I don’t work out. It does not determine who I am or if I’m in shape. I’m in the best shape of my life and I have fat on my thighs. And it is beautiful. 

I posted this on my Instagram account with a few pictures because somebody had told me they wanted my “abs” and to get them they were going to eat less (and this person was already not eating quite enough). This disturbed me. That is the last reason I created my account.

My genetics play a key role in the facts that I have visible abs. Can everyone have “popping” abs? No. If someone doesn’t have abs, does that mean they aren’t in shape? Absolutely not. We are all so different, but that does not mean we aren’t all beautiful. I have thighs that will never be perfectly straight or show all my muscles. I will always have a store fat on the inside of my thighs. It didn’t leave my body when I was at 10% body fat and its not going to leave my body now. I am okay with that. In fact I love that. It is part of who I am. And I love who I am. I love that I am so happy with who I am that I can grab any place I have fat and say that I am happy its there. I know I only show “glorified” pictures of my body on my Instagram, but that is because I do work very hard and I do like to show my body in its best light. But my body is so far from perfect. I don’t have back dimples or a thigh gap. If I hunch over or lean to the side my stomach has rolls. And I love that. It is part of who I am. I am learning to love the human experience, flaws, fat, and all.


2 thoughts on “Having fat doesn’t make you fat.

  1. It makes me so sad to see comments like those. I have hipbones that stick out and a huge thigh gap and I see people say they want to eat less to get those things but I had both when I was 30 pounds heavier in high school, it’s just my body. I have these things because my hips are incredibly wide compared to the rest of me, and it’s no reflection on health or fitness. Yet I have trouble developing arm muscles and i would love to have ripped arms, some things just aren’t in the cards and you should love what you have and not compare yourself to others. I always catch myself being envious of someone’s body then finding out she’s 5’9. Well 5’3 me can’t look like that no matter what so I just have to move along. I think the best thing is to focus on loving your body for what it can do, not what it looks like. If your body powers 90 minute workouts, it is an amazing machine 🙂

    • Okay seriously I am exactly the same- my ribs, hipbones, and collar bones have always been absurdly defined. I had quite the belly a few years back, weighed more than I do now, and was totally out of shape- but you could still see my ribs and such! Nothing good comes when you judge your body image off of someone else’s! I am beyond awkwardly built- like my portions are just off. But I am still proud of how I look. We are who we are and the best thing we can do is work what we got!

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