A Day in the Life of Tracy’s Stomach

I get quite a few questions about what I eat in a day to fill all 2200 calories so I thought I would post a couple typical days. The pictures from My Fitness Pal, my food tracking app, are not accurate in the order I eat my food. I am horribly lazy when inputing things so I input in ways that take the least amount of time I.E. If I had something for dinner last night and I was eating it for lunch today, I would input it in the dinner column because it is in my recent foods there.

Anyways here are the picture from my food log two days ago:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.08.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.08.42 AM


And now a timeline of a day in the life of Tracy’s stomach:

8:30 am– wake up and eat a bowl of proats (protein oatmeal) or oat bran protein pudding with my coffee

9:45 am– breakfast round two- usually a bowl of cereal or greek yogurt with fruit

10:30 am– a quest bar

12:00 pm– lunch: leftovers from the night before

1:30 pm– lunch 2: a salad with a veggie burger or and egg white and veggie scramble

3:30 pm– snack: a PB&J, apple and peanut butter, something with carbs and fats

6:00 pm– dinner: protein (sometimes with carb AKA a whole wheat bun), veggies (steamed frozen veggie mixes), carbs/ starch (roasted potatoes, corn, corn bread)

8:30-9:15 pm– THE NIGHTTIME CARBS AFTER DARK EXTRAVAGANZA! Seriously 300 grams of carbs is kind of hard to fill. Usually I have a lot of fat left over too. Lately I have not had much protein leftover. So my night time snack have included: apple with peanut butter, toast with peanut butter and jelly, alternative bagel and cream cheese, slow churned ice cream, frozen yogurt, cereal, etc.

My all time favorite way to fill my macros (I kid you not, this is proof that I am a health nut at heart) is with greek yogurt, fruit, and bran cereal. But like I said, I just haven’t had enough protein left over to do that!

Everyone fills their Macros differently. Some indulge, some keep it clean. I genuinely prefer “clean” options, but with a boyfriend who likes a lot of carbs with his dinner and limited time to prep food– staying totally unprocessed (like I would like) is just not entirely conceivable to me. I still keep my sodium consumption low and I stay away from hydrogenated oils. But I am also not afraid to end my night with a scoop of low fat, slow churned, ice cream.


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